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After nearly twenty years, Jászberény is the host of Jász World Days again. Firstly Jász people met in 1995 in Jászberény to remember their ancentors with decorum on the 250th anniversary of redemption, the self-realese of Jász people. Participants remembered for those predecessors who redeemed their liberty in 1745 by purchasing their rights from the authority of the Teutonic Order. Redempters who founded the Jász Ternary District, which was an independent public adminitration unit, counted their freedom and autonomy the most import values.

Maintian of historical traditions, preservation of Jász culture, presentation of Jász settlements, affirmation and presentation of Jász identity  to visitors have became the permament aims of the program. Among realized programs, we regurarly find pontificial mess, inauguration of the Jász captain, fancy pageant of the Jász settlements, diplay of Jász artistic groups and cfaftsmen, exchange of ideas, organization of concerts and exhibitions. In the last 18 years, all Jász settlements were hosts of moved Jász people and people who still live in Jászság.

The greatest part of participants of the more and more popular Jász World Days programs are people who identify themselves as Jász people but there are more intersted person from the outside world as well. So much so that number of guests reached several thousand in the past twenty years. As the interest intensified about the World Days, the range of programs broadened. Organizers has always tried to address all generations and offered popular events to visitors.

In 2012, the cirle of World Days ended. During this period, 18 Jász settlements have succesfully organized this most important celebration of Jász unity and perpetuation, the Jász World Days. In 2013, the Jász capital Jászberény restarts the circle. Our town devotes a great importance to keep the traditions but we would like to introduce new elements too. Organizers set store by presenting Jász values, and at the same time, let participants enjoy the programs and propagate our town’s attractive image in the country.

World Days in the capital of Jászság

After a 18-year old period, when all of Jász settlements were organizers of the World Days, Jászberény’s turn to continue the tradition. The organizer of the event is a steering committee which main goal is that the world would be a bit Jász during these three days.

Composition of programs costs much time, a lot of energy and an important financial background that let the town be a worthy venue of the World Days between 21-23 June. Leadership of the town and the organizers take the responsibilty to restart the series of World Days. They would like to host Jász people at a worthy event and introduce new principles and founds.

World Days, which is organized in Jászberény again after 1995, isn’t one of summer festivals but it would like to strenghten the Jász identity. This particular program keep traditions of previous meetings and at the same time organizers try to not making mistakes.

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